Fun holiday gift giving games text graphicEver go to your parents’ house on holidays to celebrate with your children, along with your siblings, in-laws, and their children? If yes, you already know that gift giving becomes chaotic due to the large amount of people you have to get gifts for. You have to figure out what everyone wants or needs, and the costs of all of those gifts can add up quickly. Giving presents on the holidays should not have to be stressful, it should be fun! Therefore, an entertaining and blissful solution to this problem is to consider playing a gift giving game with the whole family. Nearly all of these games require you to bring only one present, rather than purchasing a present for everyone. Below are a few different options of games to play for the holidays that reduce your stress along with the significant costs of having to purchase several presents.


A CHINESE CHRISTMAS!Green Christmas stocking


Each player must bring one present in order to participate. For example, if there are 20 players, there should be 20 presents.

Then everyone draws a number (1- # of players), this will determine the order to follow when picking and stealing presents.

Whoever drew the #1 gets to pick and open their present first.

Whoever drew #2 can choose to steal the present #1 has, or can pick and open a new one

Whoever drew #3 can choose to steal the present #1 or #2 has, or can open a new one.

This goes on until the last person plays, either stealing someone else’s present, or opening the last present left.

HOWEVER, there are a few rules/exceptions.

The person that drew the #1 has the option to either keep their present they currently have, or they can choose to steal anybody’s present ASLONG as the present has not been stolen 3 times.

A present can only be stolen 3 times throughout the entire game.

Christmas presents graphic


Set a price limit on the gifts to bring for the game ($20-$30 is common)

Come up with a theme for the gifts to bring, like kitchen, garden, bedroom, etc.

Here is a link for more details: http://www.amazing-christmas-ideas.com/chinese-christmas-gift-exchange.html


Other Games:

Here are a few links to other games you can play for giving gifts!

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Trivia: https://www.partygameideas.com/trivia-gift-exchange/

Cheer Exchange: https://funattic.com/gift-exchange-games-for-large-groups/

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