LoanAtLast’s goal is to get cash quickly to those who need it. We are transparent about our loan terms and strive to make the loan process as simple as possible for our customers.

Example of Our Rates and Terms

If you borrowed $500 on September 28, 2015 and your payments are due on a bi-weekly basis, your first payment of $140.20 would be due on October 9, 2015. The final payment of $139.77 would be due July 25, 2016. The Annual Percentage Rate on this loan would be 675.88% and your finance charges would total $2,303.57 as noted below.

The cost of your credit as a yearly rate. The dollar amount the credit will cost you. The amount of credit provided to you or on your behalf. The amount you will have paid after you have made all payments as scheduled.
675.88 % $2,303.57 $500.00 $2,083.57
Payment Date Payment Amount
10/09/2015 $140.20
10/23/2015 $140.20
11/10/2015 $140.20
11/25/2015 $140.20
12/10/2015 $140.20
12/24/2015 $140.20
01/08/2016 $140.20
01/25/2016 $140.20
02/10/2016 $140.20
02/25/2016 $140.20
03/10/2016 $140.20
03/25/2016 $140.20
04/08/2016 $140.20
04/25/2016 $140.20
05/10/2016 $140.20
05/25/2016 $140.20
06/10/2015 $140.20
06/24/2016 $140.20
07/08/2016 $140.20
07/25/2016 $139.77

Late Fee: If you make a payment more than 5 days late, you will be charged $20.00 and you may continue to accrue additional interest charges.

NSF Fee: If payments are returned for some reason, you will be assessed a $30.00 NSF fee.

Prepayment: If you pay off your loan early, you will not have to pay a penalty. Niizhwaaswi, LLC d/b/a LoanAtLast encourages repayment as quickly as possible to avoid finance fees.

For more details about this service and other terms of your loan, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

We do not always lend in every state. Our states of operation change frequently, please check back periodically to see if we are doing business in your state. LoanAtLast loans are currently available to residents of all states except Arkansas, District of Columbia, New York, Vermont, Virginia*, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

*Lending Exception for state of Virginia; we will lend to returning customers only

If you have any questions about LoanAtLast please contact us or check out our FAQ for further information. Our hours of operation are 7AM to 7PM central time Monday through Friday. However, you can always email us at

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