The LoanAtLast team is committed to the following responsible lending guidelines, which ensure a customer’s rights and privacy.

Courtesy and Respect

At LoanAtLast, the customer is #1! Our team is dedicated to treating each customer with the utmost respect and courtesy. Whether you are a past, current, or future customer, never hesitate to reach out to us with questions or concerns.

Data Security Promise

With the latest technology available, your personal information is safe and secure from unauthorized access. Our security measures include physical, electronic and procedural safeguards including computer virus protection software, firewalls, and a 256 bit Secure Socket Layer.

Full Disclosure on Fees

LoanAtLast is committed to ensuring our customers clearly understand our rates and terms. You will know exactly what the total repayment amount will be before you apply.

Right to Cancel

It’s your right to cancel your loan, no strings attached. Our guidelines simply require that you do so by 4pm central time of the next business day after the cash disbursement date and we will set up a draft to reverse the loan proceeds.

Right to File a Concern

If you have a concern, we want to hear from you. Loan at Last is a member of the Online Lenders Alliance (OLA) and we follow its OLA Best Practices, which includes your right to file a concern with them using their consumer hotline. We do ask that you please contact our customer service team first so we can resolve the issue.