Black Friday & Cyber Monday are two exclusive days that help save money on purchases. This is when many people do their Christmas shopping for their kids, brothers and sisters, family, friends, and more. It is very important to understand how to get the best deals in an efficient way. Here are a few useful tips on how to shop Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales.

Black Friday: November 24, 2017Black Friday graphic

1) Look for Stores Posted Catalogs

Many stores will release their catalogs shortly before Black Friday arrives. In these catalogs they will share the times and days the store will be open, the Doorbuster deals, the free give away items, and much more.

2) Start Early

Many stores will start their deals for the Black Friday event weeks early, so be sure to keep a look out for those to find the best deals. For example, Amazon has already started their deals and will have deals of the day for certain products leading up the Black Friday.

3) Compare Prices

When the stores post their catalogs, compare the prices of the items you are looking for to ensure you are getting the best deal and the most savings.

4) Create a List & a BudgetTo-do list graphic

Before entering a store, you should have a prepared list of all of the items you are looking for. This helps you stay focused, and get the items you need first, instead of loitering around the stores.

5) Get There Early

The best deals are typically the Doorbusters, and there is only a limited quantity, which is presented in the catalog. Be sure to arrive in time to be able to receive the item before they run out.

6) Doorbusters Are Not Always the Best Deals

When you see a Doorbuster deal, make sure to do your research on the item and price because sometimes they do not offer such a grand deal after all. Doorbusters are there to catch the customers eye due to its price being under the retail cost, but sometimes the product is off brand and not all it is hyped up to be.

Computer mouse turned into a shopping cart

Cyber Monday: November 27, 2017

1) Plan early

Put together a list of all items you are looking for, and research whoTime to plan graphic offers the best deals on them. Also, it is okay to shop for items that you have not included on your list, but be sure to get the items on your list first.

2) Check Timing

Make sure you are constantly checking the time and being aware of it because many deals are offered within a specific time frame. Be sure to know when those times are, and be able to have access to a device that allows you to shop during those times.

3) Beware of the Hidden Costs

Although it seems to be a good deal, be aware of extra costs, such as shipping and handling, unusual taxes, and any other fees that you may have to read between the lines to find.

4) Coordinate Your Credit Cards

Plan out and organize your credit cards to make sure you know what cards are going to be used to buy which items. Be sure to find out if there are any rewards or extra incentives for using a specific card for a purchase to help benefit you.Visa Mastercard graphic

5) Pre-Load Your Shopping Cart

Put all of the items you are planning on purchasing in your shopping cart so when game day comes, you are already a step ahead in purchasing the items before other shoppers.

6) Buy Discounted Gift Cards

Watch for stores that are offering a discounted price on gift cards. This will help you save money. For example, Best Buy is offering a buy one get one for 20% off gift card deal during their Black Friday Sale.

7) Have a Plan B

Just in case it does not work out and you are unable to get the items you wanted, have a plan B. This may mean having to purchase from a Plan A and Plan B buttonsdifferent store, having to purchase a different item, having to wait to purchase the item or many other possibilities. Be sure to have one in case of an emergency.


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