The month of October has come to an end and November is just beginning. There are many different holidays we celebrate in November; however, we are going to particularly focus on Veterans Day right now. Veterans Day is approaching quickly and will be on Sunday, November 11th and will be observed Monday, November 12th. Veterans Day is a day to celebrate all our military men and women from all over. This could include friends, neighbors, parents, grandparents, aunt’s, uncle’s, coworker’s, and so many other people in your community. Here are some fun facts from History.com about the Veteran population today in the United States.


  • 16.1 million living Veterans served during at least one war
  • 2 million Veterans are women
  • Of the 16 million Americans who served during World War II, 558,000 are still alive

Now you may be wondering how you can thank them for their service. Therefore, listed below are a few different ways you can honor and serve the Veterans in your community.

Serve the Community:
Every community has veteran service organizations that assist the families of veterans. You can get in contact with them and orchestrate something to give back to the Veterans in your community. Some schools will put on a pep rally and invite all of the Veterans around them that are able so they can thank them. Sometimes they even will write and create letters for Veterans, thanking them for their service. Additionally, some churches will hold lunches or dinners in honor of Veterans to show them their gratitude. This can be a potluck or something that the church ministry will make and organize.

Visit a Veteran’s Hospital:

This one won’t be for everybody, but if it is for you, try visiting a Veterans hospital just to hang out and talk with those who are there. They don’t get to see too many new faces, so when they do it sure brightens up their day. Don’t feel obligated to bring anything or don’t have any expectations when you first arrived, just go in with a smile and be ready to talk! However, don’t feel like you can’t bring something with you. You may consider bringing flowers or possibly an activity or something they could do in bed.


Wear a poppy on Veteran's Day graphicWear a Red Poppy:

The American Legion Auxiliary distributed red crepe paper poppies on Memorial Day and Veterans Day nationwide. The poppies are handmade by veterans and by wearing these it shows support to the veterans and active duty service members. You can contact your local American Legion office to found out where you can locate one in your community so you can wear one and show your support this Veterans Day!


Send a Card:

Consider coming up with a list of all the Veterans you know and try to send them one letter a year. It really does not take up too much time, and for something that is so small, it can mean so much to them. Once you have established your list, challenge yourself to continue to add on to your list and challenge yourself to send more and more letters each year. If you are comfortable with it, maybe try sending letters to people you don’t know. These letters don’t have to be super long and in depth, all you really need to include is how grateful you are for their service and what it means to you. Don’t be afraid to send letters no matter how short or small because one sentence can go a long way because it’s the fact that you took time out of your day to express how thankful you are, and to know at least one person is thankful means the world.


Given these few ideas on how to celebrate Veterans Day, don’t feel limited to just these ideas. There are so many other ways you can celebrate; you just have to find the right one for you. Just another reminder, Veterans Day will fall on Sunday this year!

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