It’s Christmas Time and you know what that means, bright lights, Christmas carols, and fun holiday crafts with the family! There are so many different craft ideas out there for kids and for adults it can become overwhelming!

Santa and Rudolph heads

However, crafting is not always cheap which can make it a rare thing to do. Therefore, below I have included 3 different types of crafts that are cost-efficient and extremely fun for the kids, and for adults!



Santa on sleigh with reindeer





Santa Cam Ornament:

The Elf on the Shelf can be expensive and time-consuming, especially when the kids want to get clothes and accessories for it, and you have to move him/her every day. Here is an alternative for that that is more cost efficient and less of a hassle.

Materials needed:Santa cam ornament

  • Clear flat ball ornamentSanta cam ornament
  • Black paint
  • 1/2” to 1” washer
  • Red paint marker
  • Hot glue gun & hot glue sticks

Step 1:

Remove the cap of the ornament, and set it off to the side

Step 2:

Pour about 1 tablespoon of black paint inside the ornament

Step 3:

Place a piece on top of the ornament, put your finger on top to secure it, and shake up the paint inside to cover all sides (add more paint if needed)

Step 4:

Place the ornament upside down in a plastic cup to allow any excess paint to come out (let sit for a couple of hours)

Step 5:

Glue the washer to the center of the ornament with your hot glue gun

Step 6:

Put a red dot on the top right of the ornament with your paint pen, or any other sticker that might represent the “button” of a camera

Step 7:

Use a white paint pen to write “Santa’s Camera”, then allow the paint to dry completely

Step 8:

Put the top of the ornament back on, and attach a ribbon, string, or hook to hang on tree

Link: https://www.happy-mothering.com/12/crafts-diy/santa-cam-ornament-elf-on-the-shelf-alternative/


Q-Tip Snowflakes!

Materials needed:Q-tip snowflake Christmas craft

  • Q-tipsQ-tip snowflake Christmas craft
  • Black paper (or any other color desired)
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Step 1:

Cut your Q tips in different sizes/lengths.

Step 2:

Glue down your Q tips on the piece of paper in the shape of a snowflake!

Continue to add to it to make it more detailed and personalized to the way you want it

Step 3:

Cut around the snowflake, and then you are finished!

Link: http://www.homemadeginger.com/2016/11/snowflake-craft.html


Giant Lollipops!

Materials needed:Giant lollipop craft

Giant lollipop craft

  • 2 pool noodles of the same color
  • Colored or white duct tape (check amazon for cheap options)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Skinny PVC pipe cut in 3 ft. length (or a wooden dowel)
  • Cellophane wrapping
  • Ribbon
  • Rubber band

Before starting, make sure that when you bend your noodles they do not begin to crack.

Step 1:

Glue your 2 noodles together at the ends. When dried, add a piece of duct tape where you glued them together to ensure extra security

Step 2:

Begin at the end of your pool noodle, and spiral your duct tape around all the way to the opposite end (try to make sure it does not bubble and it is not too tight)

Step 3:

Apply hot glue and begin rolling your pool noodle

(when rolling, make sure to keep a firm grip on it and to not let go, it will take about 5 minutes for the glue to dry after you are finished rolling it together)

Step 4:

When you reach the end, add extra hot glue to secure it

Step 5:

Cut a small hole in the bottom of your noodle for your PVC (or wooden dowel) to go into. Add hot glue to the sides for   extra security and stability

Step 6:

After the glue has dried from the PVC pipe, add the cellophane on your pool noodle, and secure it with a rubber band and then add your bow, and you’re all done!

Link: https://www.thesitsgirls.com/diy/giant-lollipops/

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