It is nearing the end of September and October is just a couple days away! You might have a Halloween work party, or just a Halloween party in general that you are invited to, but have no idea what you Pumpkin with candy cornwant to dress up as. Prices for costumes have considerably increased in recent years, so don’t delay on getting a jump start, especially if you are wanting to make your own costume.  If you are really stumped on what to be for Halloween, take this short quiz that provides you what they think you should dress up as for Halloween (Click HERE to take the quiz). There are also a variety of costumes below that you can DIY at home instead of going out to buy one, or visiting your local Goodwill to find Halloween treasures can save you a lot of money.



FRUITFour women in fruit Halloween costumes

If you and your group of friends are looking for a costume idea that can incorporate a large group of people, this is the costume for you! Each person can be a different fruit and it is simple and easy to create the costume.

All you need is a large T-shirt the color of your selected fruit, and something to create your fruit design on your shirt. This can be a Sharpie, Fabric Markers, Duct Tape, Paint, other pieces of Fabric glued on, and anything else you come up with that can help enhance your fruit!





GUMBALL MACHINEGumball machine Halloween costume

If you are wanting to be colorful, fun, and sweet, this costume is for you!

All you need are a bunch of pom poms, which you can get from Amazon for under $10! You will need to glue your pom poms to a tank top or a tshirt of your choice. To even spice it up, you can create a headband to go with it by gluing on pom poms to a cheap and plain headband you can get at the Dollar Store.  Then just create a little piece where the gum balls come out, and it gives the price of your gumballs, which can be made from a variety of different things, like fabric or cardboard.


Kids scuba diver Halloween costume

If you are looking to be fun, adventurous, and creative this costume is for you! It can be for kids and for adults if you want.

All you need are a black shirt and black pants, cotton rope or yarn, spray paint, black electrical tape, sponge hair curlers, swim goggles and snorkel, metal pail, silver washi tape, hot glue, and chalkboard tape.

The tool belt is electrical tape with sponge hair curlers woven through.

The oxygen backpacks are made from two 2-liter bottles that are spray painted and wrapped with black electrical tape and silver washi tape, using the rope as the straps.

The face gear you can probably get at a good price right now considering it is the fall and not many people are going swimming any time soon!

To learn more about how to create this awesome costume, click HERE.



KING & QUEENCouple with queen and king card Halloween costumes

If you and your significant other are looking for a costume that you can do together, this one is for you! A King and Queen from a deck of cards is fun, clever, and extremely easy to make!

All you need is a white T-shirt and red or black paint, fabric markers, or extra pieces of fabric. Once you have your supplies, you just need to add the design to your shirt. If you are feeling extra creative you can add extra accessories to your costume, like a crown or tutu. Have fun with the costume and put your own creative twist to it!



TY BEANIE BABYDogs with Beanie Babies Halloween costumes

Don’t forget about your pets because they need a costume too! A clever and fun way to dress your pet up for Halloween is to make them a Ty beanie baby! You can add their name, their birthday, and all about them, just like an actual beanie baby!

All you need is a piece of card board or poster board and a sharpie! Cut it out in a heart shape that folds over like a card and decorate it to your liking! You can then attach it to their collar, and you now have a Ty Beanie Baby!




Just remember, it is never to early to start planning your halloween costumes! If none of these costumes are calling your name and you are uninterested in them, the web is full of different and unique ideas, so you can more than likely find exactly what you are looking for with a little research and time!

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