It’s that time of year again for back to school shopping! You have to get new clothes, and have a spectacular first day of school outfit, and school supplies. Look out for a list of supplies that are requested by teachers and schools.

Check for Supply ListsSchool supplies checklist

Typically, your child will need certain supplies for their class, or multiple classes so it is always smart to look into the required supplies. More than likely, your local stores that sell school supplies will have a check list of all the things each grade level will need. Keep a lookout for school supplies lists! Another smart thing you can do is buy in bulk supplies you know your child is always going to need, like pencils, pens, highlighters, notebooks, etc. That way you can save money because buying in bulk is always cheaper than buying individually.


Shopping DealsKids with shopping bags

Around this time of year there are many departments stores having great deals for back to school. When shopping for clothes, it is important to always keep your child’s school’s dress code rules in mind. This may not pertain to you, however there are many schools that do have strict dress code rules that must be followed. Therefore, you do not want to buy your child clothes they may not even be allowed to wear at school. Furthermore, you should cross reference deals with each other to ensure you are getting the best deal available.


Getting OrganizedKids activity calendar for May

Going back to school is always a hectic time and it is important to get organized before going back. It is important to establish a routine for doing things, like eating breakfast, riding the bus or walking, and when coming home and time to do homework. A really good tool that is not utilized enough is a calendar. Look into getting a calendar to put in the kitchen or in a common area for everyone to see and to be able to write their schedules on there as well. You don’t even have to buy a calendar, there are many ways you can create one yourself. Another smart way to have one is with an expo board, that way you don’t have to buy a new one each year or each month, you can just assemble it yourself accustomed for each month and year.

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